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Thank you for visiting Asahi Denso's web site.
We are looking forward to your inquiry about our design or production of electrical component. We will not only receive orders of design and production, but also try to solve your technoloy problems.
Note that we can't deal with general customers and end users. Because Asahi Denso does business with only the corporations. Thank you for your understanding.

Inquiry product *RequiredPlease put a check into inquiry products. Multiple selections are possible.
Inquiry *RequiredPlease fill in your inquiry. (Less than 10,000 characters)
Moreover, if it does not interfere, such as the number of production schedules, usage, a production schedule country, etc., please give me entry.

Name *RequiredEx.) Taro Yamada
E-mail address *RequiredEx.)
Telephone number *RequiredEx.) +81-53-587-2111
Company or Organization nameEx.) Asahi Denso Co., Ltd.
Department nameEx.) Design Section
Post nameEx.) Section Chief
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