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Product Range

Asahi Denso products, spearheaded by the switches that serve as an interface between human and machines, perform a broad range of functions in all kinds of vehicles, from motorcycles and automobiles to specialized machinery and marine vehicles. Our wide range of variations in motorcycle products has gained us a top share on the global market. The performance of the AD brand, designed to meet the diverse technical needs of our many customers, has received high acclaim from the market. Our commitment for the future is to provide the many different specifications that switch products require, to achieve further expansion and growth in switch technology, and to continue developing new technologies on an ongoing basis.

Variations of the AD brand that’s a popular favorite with vehicle makers worldwide

Products for Motorcycles

Introduce products for Motorcycles.Handlebar switches ,lever holders,Main switches,keys and locks,Safety-related,alert switches,Other products.

Products for Automobiles

Introduce Products for Automobiles.Shift switches,Combination switches,Panel switches,Other products.

Products for Marine Vehicles

Introduce Products for Marine Vehicles.Main switches,panel switches,Handlebar switches,locks,Trim control products,Other products.

Products for Industrial use

Introduce Products for Industrial use.Levers,Products for electric vehicles,Other products.

Products for Other Vehicles

Introduce Products for Other Vehicles.Handlebar switches,lever holders,Products for electric vehicles,Other products.

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