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The [Cost Innovation Award] was presented by Yamaha Motor Company.

In the "2024 GSC Award" (2024 Global Suppliers Conference Award) of Yamaha Motor Company, our remote control for outboard motor operation received the "Cost Innovation Award".

The GSC awards are given by Yamaha Motor Company to business partners who have made outstanding achievements in a variety of fields.

The “Cost Innovation Award” was presented in recognition of the high level of achievement of the three mandatory goals in the development of the remote control for outboard motor operation: “(1) adding functions”, “(2) maintaining size”, and “(3) controlling costs”.

We had daily meetings with many people from Yamaha Motor Company, and after repeated trial and error, we were finally able to meet your demands. We could not have achieved this without the advice of Yamaha Motor Company. We believe that this is truly the result of "collaborative creation".

We would also like to thank you again for providing much support for our business partners in the manufacturing process.

We will continue to strive to meet your expectations and look forward to your further support and guidance.

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