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About this site

This site is managed by ASAHI DENSO CO.,LTD.(the following it "our company.")Please use after reading the following notes and approving of them, before using this site.In addition, since our company may change the use conditions of this site without a preliminary announcement, please confirm the newest use conditions.

The management basic policy of this site

About copyright

The copyright of the contents (information, a trademark, a photograph, a design, a text, etc.) published at this site belongs to our company in principle except for a quotation part.We forbid a duplicate and diversion without permission to our company.


Our company does not do taking responsibility entirely the trouble, the loss, and damage which arose by using the information published at this site or this site.Although discontinuation of change or management and a stop may be made without a preliminary announcement in this site,it does not carry out that our company takes responsibility entirely about any troubles which arose by these, a loss, and damage.

About the use environment to recommend

In seeing this site, the use in the following is recommended.

  • Windows
    • Microsoft Edge latest version
    • Firefox latest version
    • Google Chrome latest version
  • MacOS
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    • Firefox latest version
    • Google Chrome latest version
  • Android
    • Standard browser
  • iOS
    • Safari latest version


The inquiry about use of this site is accepted below.

Asahi Denso Co.,Ltd.
6-2-1 Somejidai,Hamakita-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka, 434-0046 Japan
TEL: +81-53-587-2111  FAX: +81-53-586-5080

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