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Products for Motorcycles

    Heated Grip

    grip_heaterHave you ever had a hard time riding a motorcycle with your hands numb with cold? Many people may have experienced that. It is also dangerous to operate the switches and levers, such as a brake, with your cold fingers. We design and manufacture grip heaters that can match your handle shapes. Please consider the use of a grip heater to increase the safety and comfort of your customers, which will enhance the value of your products.

    What is a Heated Grip?

    A heated grip is attached to the grip portion of a motorcycle handle to warm the rider's hands. Shortly after the end of the war, there was a grip heater that made use of the engine waste heat. Nowadays, however, electrical heaters are dominant, which are excellent in durability and easy to control temperature.

    Application of Grip Heater

    Our grip heater is applicable to cranes, hydraulic shovels, and forklifts (construction machinery), and tractors and mowers (agricultural machinery). It's also applicable to vessels, snow removers, and snowmobiles, which are active during the winter season.It can be applied not only to vehicles, but also to housing materials, such as door levers, hand rails and tools such as electric drills. Moreover, it can be used for such a place that need prevention of freezing as a hydrant.

    The features of Asahi Denso Grip Heater

    All our products are individually designed to fit your products. Our heater is not a simple ON/OFF heater. It is a five-step switching system and has a function that monitors the battery voltage in order to stop power supply automatically when the battery is low. And our grip heater is designed to have about the same diameter as that of conventional grips by adopting the integral molding method. About the resistance to environment, it endures heavy vibrations and repeated temperature change and has a robust structure with water-proofing and dust-proofing abilities.

    Delivery Record

    CB1100EXHeated Grip for large-size motorcycles of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

    NOTE: We include this article by courtesy of our customer. We have other delivery records, but for confidentiality reasons, we can only present one example here.

    Handlebar switches and lever holders

    Elements such as the switch position are decided based on ergonomic research. Operation is optimized taking many different elements into consideration, such as a compact layout that takes up the least possible space, and high visibility that enables emergency operation if needed.

    Main switches and keys and locks

    Safety-related and alert switches

    We provide a full range of switches with diverse functions, including a sensor that automatically turns off the engine if the bike falls over, a neutral switch that indicates the gear position, and a side stand switch that makes it impossible to start engine while the side stand is left in the downward position.

    Other products

    Asahi Denso excels in the design and production knowhow necessary to provide a full range of motorcycle switches.

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