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Sensing technologies


Transmit vehicle stats correctly

A sensor is a device that measures a physical/chemical quantity and converts it into  usually a electronic signal.
We develop and produce such sensors; tilt angle sensor for tilt angle detection of a vehicle, gear position sensor to detect the gear position of a motorcycle, and accelerator position sensors to measure the position of the throttle grip of a motorcycle.

These sensors need to have high accuracy and high durability.
We can add high reliability to the sensors by introducing our waterproof and anti-dust technologies.

APS or Accelerator Position Sensor

A sensor that measures the amount of accelerator operation is called an Accelerator Position Sensor. The power output of the gasoline engine is controlled by changing the angle of the throttle valve based on the measured amount of this sensor.

“Gear Position Sensor” to detect the shift position

Generally, a device called "transmission" is mounted on the vehicles such as motorcycles and cars, which run on the engine power. The transmission is the device which keeps rotating speed of the engine within proper range by the combination of the gears. The gear po …

Case of products

Case of products

Element technology of Asahi Denso
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  • Sensing technologies
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