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“Gear Position Sensor” to detect the shift position

Generally, a device called "transmission" is mounted on the vehicles such as motorcycles and cars, which run on the engine power. The transmission is the device which keeps rotating speed of the engine within proper range by the combination of the gears. The gear position sensor detects the position of the gear, such as first or second, and sends the data as electric signal to the ECU.

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Mechanical Gear Position Sensor

Originally, Asahi Denso had developed and produced push-type switches called neutral switches, which detects the neutral position. Then we started to make mechanical gear position sensors using the rotary slide contact points.

Non-contacting Gear Position Sensor

ギアポジションセンサーThe gear position sensor, which adopts rotary sliding contact points can not be kept from deteriorating from collisions and wears. Then, Asahi Denso developed the non-contacting gear position sensor, which uses magnetic sensor. As it is non-contacting, there exist no contact wares, enhancing credibilities.

Magnetic sensor with the Hall element

Hall elements are used for magnetic sensors. When external magnetic field is added to the electrified semi-conductor, the Lorentz force acts on the electrons moving around in the semi-conductor, generating the electric potential differences in the vertical direction (Z axis). This electric potential difference is called the "Hall voltage". The magnetic field strength is measured by detecting this voltage as signals. Since the magnetic field strength and the hall voltages are in a linear relationship, the Hall elements contribute to enhancing the accuracy of the rotary angle detection.ホール効果

We will promptly act to meet your requests.

Not only gear position sensors, we have also designed and produced the APS (Accelerator Position Sensor), the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), actuators, and the electronic control system integrating all of these devices. We can also replace a part of your control system with ours. If you are considering building an electronic control system, enhancing reliability and accuracy, or prefer to take part in the development from the prototype stage, please contact us at any time.

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