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M2M Technology

M2M is an abbreviation for Machine to Machine (Machine to Management), which refers to technologies that allow "things (machine)" and "things (machine)" to connect with each other via any network.
M2M makes it possible to provide safe, comfortable and convenient environment (tools and/or services) by connecting “things” and “things” or “things” and “people” via network.

We are developing some M2M applications such as “Wireless failure diagnosis tool” and “vehicle information management”

Wireless failure diagnosis tool (DIAG)


  • Displays engine status in real-time.

  • Displays diagnosis and failure record.

  • Diagnose function of each parts from smartphone/tablet


Vehicle information management

車両管理_システムイメージVehicle management system that uploads vehicle information data (engine status, location, activities and malfunctions) to network or Administration server.


Element technology of Asahi Denso
  • Antitheft technology
  • Communication technology
  • Sensing technologies
  • Waterproof and Dustproof technology
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