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Corporate slogan

Open the Way

Asahi Denso statement
A Corporate Mission Statement with a Triple Meaning.

At Asahi Denso, our fervent goal is to be of service to people and to the world at large.

In order to fulfill that goal, we chose “The ASAHI DENSO Way” as our corporate mission statement, with “Way” representing our commitment and attitude. We then expressed our goal in words that we could both incorporate into our very DNA and could use to communicate (“open”) that goal to others, which we see as equally important.

Next, in order to give concrete form to our thinking, we needed a specific wisdom and way, which is also why we chose “Way” as part of our doctrine. We believe that this “way” will only be granted to us, or “opened” to us, through sincere effort and commitment.

Through corporate activities such as these, we hope to contribute in some way, no matter how small, to pioneering and opening up the future (“way”) for others, and for the world at large.

With support and assistance from many others, we’re making sure and steady progress down our chosen path. We look forward to your ongoing support and direction in the future as we continue to move towards fulfilling our goal.

CEO and President
Kazuki Yamada
Kazuki Yamada
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