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    1. We contribute to the development of society with products that serve the common good.
    2. We are dedicated to ensuring a fulfilled life for our employees.


    1. We aspire to be a company that is fair and unselfish.
      The company, an organ of the common good, belongs to the public and no individual can call it his own.
    2. We aspire to autonomous management.
      We will think for ourselves, take the initiative, and fulfill our mission.
    3. We aspire to continuous growth.
      We will comply with changes in society and must demonstrate a passion to persist.

    Management Objective

    1. We will appreciate the common good. 
      Create jobs
      Pay taxes
      Be at one with the earth (Environmental Policy)
    2. We will appreciate our customers. 
      Make products that target customer satisfaction. (Quality Policy)
    3. We will appreciate our employees. 
      Rewarding work nurtures a rich sense of humanity.

    Values and Behavior

    1. We will always show appreciation and humility.
    2. Everyone on board.

    Quality and Environmental management systems

    Our management systems conform with the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001, and we work to continually improve the efficacy of those systems. Top management establishes the following policies of quality and environmental. Based on these policies, we determine the goals and the objectives. Every person working for the company knows the goals and works to achieve them. These policies are opened to the public.

    Quality Policy - "Make products that target customer satisfaction"

    [Achieving That Policy]
    1. We make functionally superior products with user appeal.
    2. We provide products with excellent durability and reliability.
    3. We guarantee the supply of reasonably priced products.

    Environmental Policy - "At one with the earth"

    [Achieving That Policy]
    1. Do our best to minimize environmental impact.
    2. We observe laws, regulations and other requirements.
    3. All of our employees participate and continually work on improvement activities.


    ISO9001:2015 JP14/062606 SGS Japan Incorporated
    System & Services Certification
    ISO14001:2015 JP14/071343 SGS Japan Incorporated
    System & Services Certification

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