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    Procurement activities Asahi Denso

    The Materials Division is engaged in the procurement of parts, materials, equipment and other items that need to be purchased from external sources in order for Asahi Denso to manufacture its products.

    Our basic approach procurement

    The firms with whom we do business are selected based on the results of purchasing source approval evaluations that involve quality, pricing, delivery times, reliability and other factors.

    Principal procurement items and procurement points of contact

    Procurement item Specifications Point of contact
    Die casting 15- to 125-ton products made of ADC 3, 6 and 12 types of material and ZDC2 type material Procurement Section
    Presses Small presses of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and precision presses
    Cut/machined items Fine items with diameters of 1~10mm, made of ferrous or non-ferrous metals
    PCBs Single- and double-sided printed circuit boards (paper phenol, glass epoxy glass composite, others)
    Resin Thermoplasticity (POM, PA6, PBT, others)
    Thermosetting (GE, MM-E, others)
    Insert parts, 2-color forming, painting and galvanized resin
    Headers Fine items with diameters of 1~8mm, made of ferrous or non-ferrous metals
    Wire harnesses Primarily small-circuit sub-codes
    Rubber NBR, CR, EPDM, others
    Springs Coiling, torsion, looping machining
    Ferrous, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals with wire diameters of 1mm or smaller
    Electronic parts Resistors, diodes, capacitors, relays, LEDs, others
    Commercial items Screws, nuts, steel balls, pins, others
    Metal molds and jigs Die casting molds and press molds
    Resin molds, jigs for machining and assembly
    Raw materials Aluminum (ADC3, 6, 12) and zinc (ZDC2)
    Resin materials (POM, PA6, PBT, others)
    Cost Management Section
    Subsidiary materials Solder, grease, bond, adhesives, others
    Packing materials Cardboard, nylon bags, tape, plastic boxes, others

    For further information

    6-2-1, Somejidai, Hamana-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 434-0046, Japan Asahi Denso
    Materials Division,
    Procurement Section, Purchasing Department
    TEL: +81-53-587-2118  FAX: +81-53-586-6750
    Cost Management Section, Purchasing Department
    TEL: +81-53-587-2214  FAX: +81-53-586-6750
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