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Tag Archives: Protection grade IP cord

Remote Control Assy

Remote control for outboard motor boats. Lighting is installed in each part, and it has a function to indicate the status by color.

Panel Switch

The panel switch presented here consists of three parts.

Throttle Lever APS

This product allows the watercraft to move forward by grabbing the throttle lever, and to move backward by pushing the reverse lever with the thumb. Unlike conventional throttle lever products, this product enables reverse operation and deceleration with a single hand.

Non-contact detection switch

This product is a push-stroke detection contactless switch. The push of the lever is monitored by the magnet sensor and the detected low/open status is output.

Tank cap

Unlike the conventional tank cap which functions with mechanical key, this new product corresponds to the hands-free system that enables unlock/lock operation just by carrying the FOB key.

Waterproof and Dustproof technology

Shuts out water and dustElectric parts of Asahi Denso are carried vehicles used in inhospitable environment. For example, motor cycle, boats …
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