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We have been awarded the Yamaha Motor’s 2021 GLOBAL AWARD for Excellence in Technology and Development.

This time we have been awarded the Yamaha Motor's 2021 GLOBAL AWARD for Excellence in Technology and Development for our joystick product designed for the Yamaha Helm Master EX. The award was given as a token of Yamaha's recognizing our contribution in their product development. This prestigious award is given only to component suppliers that made significant contributions to added values of Yamaha products through realizing advanced technological innovation.

Diverse Asahi Denso's underlying technologies we have been working on have born fruit through "collaborative creation" with Yamaha Motor in the joystick, one of the core elements of the innovative ship maneuvering system.

We would like to express our gratitude to all working with us offering generous support which allowed us to receive the splendid award this time. We would appreciate your continued support and guidance for our operations.

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