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Exhibited at The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013.

    Asahi Denso was exhibited at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013.
    will introduce the exhibition content.

    Handle Switch ~Concept model~ 【Reference exhibit】

    We did an exhibition of concept model of the handle switch which are compact and stylish design. Asahi Denso is a professional manufacturer of electrical components. We apply development to the compactness made ​​possible by the membrane switch,  and will propose a concept model to update the image of the conventional handle switch.It was realized improvement in operability by ergonomics not only design.


    The switch with the minimum body.A new structure  like a flowering. Provides new operational feeling by the switch of floating from body.



    It has compact operability by cross switch. We realized downsizing of around the handle, creating a space of switch back side.


    M2M System【Reference exhibit】

    We did a exhibition of system. Detection of blink by image recognition; control of the vehicle by the wireless communication.We develop products which combine mechatoronics and wireless technologies to achieve more relationship between mobility vehicles and users, and seek suitable "Safety, Security and Usability" for the user.

    • Avoid the failure by the collection and analysis of vehicle information such as engine rotational speed. And we will aim to improve the reliability of the vehicle.
    • It proposed improvement of use method and watch the usage of the vehicle. And will contribute to the long life of the vehicle.
    • It monitors the abnormal inside and outside the vehicle. And it informs the outside when emergency. Provides safety and security for the driver.


    Communication unit has achieved the following functions.

    Cooperation with smartphone
    • Sends various vehicle status to your smartphone
    • Recieves actuator control commands from your smartphone
    Cooperation with vehicle
    • Acquires various sensor data on the vehicle
    • Controls actuators on the vehicle


    Element technology exhibition

    We did a panel exhibition. Asahi Denso has "waterproof and dustproof technology", "sensor technology", "communication technology" and "anti-theft technology" . It provides a reliable product with these technologies.

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