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Joystick controller


This joystick controller is designed for marine vehicles which features comfortable operation feel and stylish illuminations. It combines contactless sensing technology proven in our APS products with secure waterproofing and durability proven in our products for marine and construction vehicles.

Product structure

A Knob Rotates right & left, tilts in all directions.
B Push-button switch With illumination indicator.
C Illumination Visible during daytime as well as nighttime.
Knob rotates right & left.
Knob tilts in all directions.



Elastomeric material is adopted as the knob's surface which realizes pleasantly soft texture.

CAN communication

Highly reliable communication system is employed enabling to reduce electric wires used.


Waterproofing specifications to meet the customer requirements are provided.

Example of application

The joystick product has been adopted for Yamaha Motor water vehicles.

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