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Shift rod sensor

What is the shift rod sensor?

In recent years, the number of vehicles adopting quick shift system that supports smooth shifting is increasing for large motorcycles called super sports.

The quick shift system is a system that enables more agile and smooth shift up and down without operating clutch and throttle.

The shift rod switch outputs a signal corresponding to operation amount of shift pedal and transmits to the ECU.With this mechanism, the shift rod switch contributes greatly to the realization of the quick shift system.

Characteristic of the shift rod sensor manufactured by Asahi Denso


It is a stroke sensor that works with small stroke and high load.
There are types to output simple ON / OFF signal and to output voltage corresponding to stroke quantity.

Resistance to environment

Regarding environmental resistance as well, it withstands thumping vibration and repeated differences in temperature and has robust structure with waterproof and dustproof performance.

Examples of recruitment

Shift rod sensor has been adopted on large sports motorcycles manufactured by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Note) It is being released through the courtesy of our customers.

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