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Switch BOX



Multi-color LED

Dimming control

Product Structure

Since multiple switches are combined as a single unit, this product has a space-saving design.
It can also show different appearances using multi-colored LED lights and dimming control signals.

AUTO switch
The switch positions are detected using a micro switch.
A/B switches
The switch positions are detected using a tactile switch.
When the lighting control signal is received, the LED light comes on.


Different appearances using LED lights

  • The three indicators (the GNSS* indicator and indicators of the A/B switches) come on in two different colors (red or green). Each color shows the state of the relevant switches.
  • The indicator of the AUTO switch surrounds the entire circumference of the switch, and comes on in green. It also comes on in a different pattern according to the lighting control signal.
  • The indicators use a high-intensity LED light. Therefore, the operator can visually confirm that the switches are turned to "On" or "Off" even outdoors.

※GNSS … Global Navigation Satellite System


  • The product has a built-in connector so that the connecting portion can be waterproof at low costs.
  • The product is covered with rubber material. This prevents water, mud, or other contaminants from entering the PCB.

Signal transmission via a CAN bus

  • A CAN bus communication system is used for signal transmission, minimizing the need for wiring connections.
  • Due to a high baud rate, the system can smoothly transmit LED lighting control signals or signals regarding the state of the switches.


  • The switches are designed so as to ensure an optimum operation feeling. The operation force is set so that the switches can be pressed easily, as well as providing a good tactile response.

Example of Actual Use

This product is used as an auto switch for a rice-planting machine (with a straight-running support function) that is made by YANMAR AGRI JAPAN CO., LTD.

Note: The information is disclosed with permission and goodwill of the customer.

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