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[Ended] The 46th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2019

    Many thanks for visitors to Asahi Denso booth

    Asahi Denso exhibited our products and relevant technologies at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019. We are so grateful that we had a large attendance during the show. We will try to reflect valuable inputs obtained in the show on our product development to enhance values of our products. We hope you'll be looking forward to Asahi Denso's further enhancement in production activities.

    If you are interested in Asahi Denso products, including this exhibition, please feel free to contact us via Contact about products. We will give you more detailed information.

    In addition, our corporate profile can be downloaded from Download Documents.

    Products for motorcycles

    Products for marine vehicles

    • Acceleration Position Sensor/Handle Bar Switch
    • Paddle Throttle
    • Panel Switch

    Products for construction machinery, and farm machinery

    Hands-free lock system

    Asahi Denso Exhibits

    Introduction of exhibits

    Products for motorcycles

    Asahi Denso started our business by producing handlebar switches for motorcycles. Since then, we have been developing and designing a number of electrical parts and steering lock parts for motorcycles. Our products are used in motorcycles for many customers in and outside of Japan. In this show, we would like to introduce a wide range of product groups that Asahi Denso have developed so far.

    Products for marine vehicles (watercrafts), construction machinery, and farm machinery

    Technologies we are using to develop motorcycle products are also applied to marine vehicle parts, as well as construction, farming, and other industrial machinery parts, so that our technologies are further refined. These products are highly appraised by our customers due to reliability, and are becoming a main pillar of our business. In this exhibition, we would like to introduce our new products for motorcycles, marine vehicles, and industrial machinery. Please touch and feel the products by yourself!

    Hands-free lock system that is operated together with lighting

    As a company that develops steering lock parts, Asahi Denso is also providing a smart key system especially for a motorcycle. This system is a lock control system that combines the motorcycle lock mechanism and the wireless communication. The system features not only a keyless entry function, but also an electrically operated steering lock and tank cap, which are connected via an on-board communication network (e.g., a CAN or LIN bus). This offers improved convenience to motorcycle users. In this year's exhibition, we would like to show you a smart key system that can make rider's everyday ride colorful with lighting, which is one of our schemes for enhancing user convenience. Please try using the system and give us your feedback!

    Asahi Denso booth

    Asahi Denso booth is located at west exhibition hall in Tokyo Big Sight. Our booth number is W3606.
    We are looking forward to introducing you our technologies.

    Outline of the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019

    Name of Event The 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019
    Organizer Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)
    Show Dates October 24 (Thursday) - November 4 (Monday), 2019
    Hours(General Public Days) Mon-Sat. 10:00-20:00
    ※14:00-20:00 at October 25 (Fri.)
    Sundays, Holiday (Nov 4) 10:00-18:00
    Admission Fee(General Public Days) Adults ¥2,000 (Advance ticket ¥1,800, After 16:00 except Sunday and Holiday (at the same day ticket box) ¥1,000 High School students and under : free,
    Persons presenting proof of disability documentation and one person accompanying them (or two accompanying persons if the disabled person uses a wheelchair) are admitted free of charge.
    Venue Tokyo Big Sight(Official web site

    See details → Tokyo Motor Show 2019 Official web site

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