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Multi-function Levers Adopted for Skid Steer Loaders of KUBOTA Co., Ltd.

Product Concept

To help realize a key concept of KUBOTA skid steer loaders: pursue easy operation and bettercomfort, Asahi Denso developed multi-function levers that serve as an optimum Man-Machine interface. 

 The new multi-function levers are ergonomically designed to provide fingertip control of all major operations that are conventionally controlled with foot controls.

Multi-function Levers Configuration

The new multi-function levers are located by the operator seat and equipped with switches required to operate all vehicle attachments. 

Their ergonomical design not only delivers effortless and comfortable operations, but also enables the operator to grab and operate the levers with natural bodily movements.

Left Control Lever
A Ride control switch Help to smooth attachment movement.
B Horn switch Sound the horn.
C Aux electrical switches ① Operate attachments (2 switches).
D 2-speed shift switch

Shift vehicle into 1st / 2nd gear position  (rear side).

E Aux electrical switch ③ Operate attachments.

Right Control Lever
F Aux hydraulic pressure switch Operate hydraulic pressure.
G Aux electrical switch ④ Operate attachments.
H Aux hold switches

Hold attachment operation 
(2 switches).

I Aux electrical switch ② Operate attachments.
J Float switch

Lower attachments by their own weight (rear side).


Minimum fatigue

  • Ergonimically designed levers fit the operator hands optimally for better comfort and minimum fatigue.

Efficient operation

  • Efficient switch leyout and operation feels allow for easy and efficient operations.

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