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Our products are adopted to the paddle shifters for ROV (Recreational Off-highway Vehicle) of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Product Concept

As one of the features of ROV "YXZ1000R SS" of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., there is a Sport Shift (SS) 5-Speed Sequential Shift Manual Transmission that replaces the foot-operated clutch pedal with paddle shifters capable of gear shift operation while gripping the handle.The mechanism of shift up with the right paddle and shift down with the left paddle is designed to be highly intuitive for drivers, even if they are not familiar with a manual transmission gear.
Our products are adopted to the selection switch of operation part for the paddle shifters.
Our products are designed to emphasize fit and click feeling when operating levers to improve operability of shifting and to consider waterproof and dustproof as well.

Characteristics of the Product


  • The switch is activated by pulling levers and the signal is sent to the automatic clutch system and shift change is performed.


  • The click feeling is produced when operating levers by the stainless ball incorporated in levers.


  • The switch satisfies protection class IP67 showing the waterproof and dustproof performance and boasts high durability performance in every environment.




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