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Our armrest-type switch has been employed on Yanmar’s tractor “YT-Series”



Product Concept

「Under Yanmar's design concept of "Fineness in Every Task Completed", "Comfortable and Relaxed Daily Operation", and "Delight and Status Brought by Owning a Yanmar", we pursue and strive for a higher-order specifications than ever before both in design and function.Our armrest is developed so that anyone behind the steering wheel could enjoy the ease of operation and use it to its fullest potential. This product promises easy and comfortable operation requiring a bare minimum of the operator's effort.
Our highly multifunctional and high-performance switch modules are designed on the basis of human engineering.

Product Configuration

  1. Main Speed Shift Lever
  2. A-Notch-Up/Down Button
  3. Encoder
  4. Mode Switch
  5. A/B Shift Switch
  6. Up/Down Dial
  7. Vehicle Up/Down Switch

Multifunctional Armrest-Integrated Lever

1.Main Speed Shift Lever

  • Main Speed Shift Lever allows for stepless adjustment only with fingertips
  • Voltage Output from the Noncontact Sensor
  • Sensor is semi-permanently electric-resistant

2.A-Notch-Up/Down Button

  • Vehicle's A-Notch-Up/Down Button, convenient for operation requires slow movements such as traction.


  • Intuitively operable Speed Setting Dial
  • Able to set the upper limit of engine rotation and vehicle speed for each A and B mode
  • Pulse output is used to control the engine rotation and vehicle speed

4.Mode Switch

  • Encoder's Alternate Switch between engine rotation and vehicle speed

5.A/B Shift Switch

  • Alternate switch between A mode and B mode set by an operator

6.Up/Down Dial

  • Dial to adjust the height of a vehicle
  • Noncontact Sensor for voltage output
  • Sensor is semi-permanently electric-resistant

7.Vehicle Up/Down Switch

  • Toggle switch allows for one-touch height control of the vehicle







Characteristics of the Product

cz141%e5%85%a8%e4%bd%933Our precisely-designed small size switch makes the operability-driven designing be compatible with superior functions.
All our switches satisfy the protection level of IP67 class for resistance to both water and dust. We pride ourselves on our products that are highly durable in any operational environment.
Here at Asahi Denso, with a successful casting of previously-nonexistent large resin parts, we succeeded in producing a lever integrated into an armrest.
We adopted the material which satisfies both durability and design that gives agricultures dreams and makes farmers proud.

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